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Due to the legend a widely travelled Roman legionnaire is responsible for the name of this river, by calling out “Una”, meaning the unique one, when his gaze fell upon its beauty, its emerald green clear waters which oscillate in different shades depending on the time of day and year.

Stuck by the charm of the Una river and touched by the extraordinary people living nearby, we developed our ideas to support and promote this unique natural habitat in a sustainable and social-responsible way.

Ecotourism, wellness facilities, property development including reconstruction of war-damaged properties, agro-business, bio-energetic appliances are our main concern and offer opportunities for investment in the Una river valley, part of the Una-Sana Canton of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Atlantis vcap d.o.o. is owned by the Schwinn family which has lived for three generations in Offenbach/M, Germany, a small city near Frankfurt/M., well-known for its graphic arts and printing industry. (See links for Klingspor, André, the musical notes publisher of Mozart and MAN-Roland, formerly Faber & Schleicher for more details). Mr Edvin Kaloper is the director of our company.

Please visit our website regularly, updates on our activities and developments of the area featuring in the link-section.

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